Saturday, 7 November 2009

ANGELA CHARLES and WINDSONG - Nightwind (1987)

Crazy I know, but I bought this album without having heard it - just because I liked the cover. But when I played it - well it just blew me away. This is one of my all-time favourite albums, there isn't a bad song on it. Don't take my word for it, take a listen and then if you're lucky try to track the vinyl down, as you've gotta have this in your collection.

1. Love Me Baby
2. Lovin' You
3. Falling in Love
4. You're Someone Special
5. Nightwind
6. Message to My Lover
7. Crazy About Your Love


Frank said...

Hi Soulful! Looks very delicious, especially the cover! Will give it a listen! Many thanks!!!
Peace Frank

Ricardo said...

This looks good, really good. Thanks for the share, I'm looking forward to hearing this little goodie

trakbuv said...

Bought it for the cover !! I'm lucky to own the LP - although I knew I was getting a bargain as I was fortunate to hear a sample of the whole LP before parting with my readies. This really is one of those late night mood LPs with an alluring Minnie Riperton meets Leon Ware kind of flavour. Great to see this getting prime position, Soulful. Keep up the great work.

C.M.R. said...

that's one hell of a cover.

Nicolas Drosos said...

Excellent post!!! Very few know about this LP.

Darnell Privott said...

Wow, Nicolas and "If It's Soul" are absolutely right, this album went completely unnoticed by mainstream listeners and even most quiet storm listeners. I bought this cassette when it first came out and I STILL have it and STILL play it, thats how I happened upon this site, every now n then I google Angela Charles to see if anything new has appeared, but I'm listening to this music now. Every song on the album is the BOMB! I just knew back then this woman (and band) were going places but they didn't seem to catch on except for a few of us lucky enough to hear her from the beginning. This is a standout album, I haven't found it on cd yet and will probably never be produced on cd. I CAN tell you that there are a few of these gems available on youtube that you can easily convert to mp3 files to listen to offline. Another standout band that came out this same year and went unnoticed was The Irvin Lee Project featuring the song "Forgotten Lover." Again the whole album was the bomb, every track, amazing vocals by another female artist. GET IT!!! I'm SO glad I still have my cassettes of these albums!