Wednesday, 17 June 2009

SHARON REDD - Essential Dancefloor Artists Volume 3 (1994)

1. Can You Handle It (Original 12" Mix)
2. Try My Love On For Size (Original Full Album Version)
3. Love Is Gonna Get Ya (Original Full Album Version)
4. You Got My Love (Original Full Album Version)
5. Leaving You Is Easier Said Than Done (Original Full Album Version)
6. Talkin' A Chance On Love (Original 12" Club Mix)
7. In The Name Of Love (Original 12" Club Mix)
8. You're A Winner (Original 12" Club Mix)
9. Beat The Street (Original 12" Club Mix)
10. Love How You Feel (Original 12" Club Mix)
11. Never Give You Up (Original 12" Club Mix)
12. Can You Handle It (Original 12" Club Mix)


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pablo said...

Thanks for Sharon Redd. Some nice remixes.

hooch said...

Thanks a lot!

Njonjo said...

Many thanks!

jerome green said...

Hi If-It's-Soulful,

Thank you for the beautiful voice of Sharon Redd. If only she were still here with us today. I'm sure she knows how much we love & miss her.

Peace, Jerome