Friday, 9 September 2011

THE WARRIORS - Behind The Mask (1982)

This is the only album made by The Warriors - who were an off-shoot of INCOGNITO and the wonderful Bluey. I bought this album when it was first released, signed on the cover by Bluey, . Sadly it was amongst a number of albums I loaned to my brother back in the mid 1980s and which he had stolen from the boot of his car. Finally I have found a download of this, so thanks to Mr SoulFunkandGrooves for giving me the chance to hear this wonderful album once again.

1. Hot Apple
2. The Warrior
3. Midnight Oil
4. Bustin' Loose
5. Warrior's Dream
6. Destination
7. Je Ne Sais Quoi
8. Drive
9. Unsung Heroes

[p/w = SoulFunkAndGroooves]

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Joaquino said...

Thanks for this album! I didn't even know it existed!