Sunday, 21 February 2010

TASHAN - Chasin' a Dream (1986)

1. Strung Out On You
2. Got the Right Attitude
3. Chasin' a Dream
4. Ooh We Baby
5. Read My Mind
6. So Much In Love
7. I Don't Ever
8. Love Is...
9. Thank You Father
10. If Words Can Express


e-keane said...

Thank you for posting this album. I haven't heard it in many years and I am looking forward to listeninagain to "Thankyou Father".
Iremember buying this album when it first came out and thinking how great it was. Tashan was a very talented guy, but never got the luck or accolades his talent deserved.

Thanks again,



Anonymous said...

great stuff, many thanks for this, a classic album.