Tuesday, 23 February 2010

JON LUCIEN - Premonition

1. Hello Like Before
2. If I Could
3. Spring's Arrival
4. Mi Vida
5. Laura
6. Gaku
7. You Been Away Too Long
8. And It All Goes Round and Round
9. Child of Love



e-keane said...

I'm not familiar with this particular album, so I think I'm due some listening pleasure. I have always loved JL's voice and was prvileged to see him perform live, many years ago in London (@ Dingwalls I think). He was great live, sounding as good, indeed better, than his recordings. If memory serves me rightly, he was also a mean percussionist also.
Times gone past and the man is no longer with us, but the music lives on.
Thanks once again for your generosity in posting.



Sparks said...

Found your blog this weekend. Rediscovered many albums that I've long been looking for. Many. many thanks.