Saturday, 23 January 2010


Now for something a little different - a selection of some of my favourite soulful tunes by white singers. There are more I could have included - Frankie Valli, Daryl Hall, Swing Out Sister, Lisa Stansfield, Jill Saward, Basia - but perhaps there will be a volume 2 if enough interest is shown in his first volume?

1. Wop Bop - Something Special
2. Tammy Payne - In Heart and Mind
3. Richard Darbyshire - This I Swear
4. Renee Geyer - Touch
5. Angie Giles - Submerge
6. Boz Scaggs - Jojo
7. Cathi Ogden - Heart Strings
8. Jess Roden - One World One People
9. Kenny Thomas - Him
10. Cassandre McKinley - After The Dance
11. Pete Belasco - I'll Come To You
12. Gino Vannelli - Love Of My Life
13. Manhattan Transfer - Helpless
14. Michael Franks - Coming To Life
15. Janis Ian - Fly Too High


soulboy said...

Nice tunes soulful

troods said...

Some I'm familiar with (Janis Ian, Michael Franks, and a few others; however they're singing songs I'm not familiar with. The others, yummy. Can't wait to listen. Thank you for all you do.

hooch said...

Thanks Soulful, some nice tracks. :)

Anonymous said...

hi soulful-this has got to be right up there at the top of your comps. great stuff- ive always liked the darbyshire track morales mix and looking at the rest - looks fantastic---thanks for sharing these gems.
big l