Monday, 11 January 2010

HARVEY MASON - Sho Nuff Groove:The Best Of (1999)

1. Groovin' You
2. Marchin' in the Street
3. Sho Nuff Groove
4. Set it Free
5. Til You Take My Love
6. What's Going On
7. Liquid
8. Say it Again
9. We Can Start Tonight
10. Spell
11. Don't Doubt My Lovin'
12. How Does it Feel


Anonymous said...

Hey, real great music here, discovered your blog lately.
Very special thanks for The Federation, I didn't know them by now, but they are great and essential to every AcidJazz collection.


Anonymous said...

new one to me so thanks for sharing

troods said...

Great Harvey Mason. Thank you!!