Sunday, 27 December 2009


Here is an A-Z (excluding X) of a random selection of songs in my collection. I hope they bring back memories for some of you and others who may be hearing them for the first time I hope you like them.

1. Act of Faith - Doing It With Love
2. Blue Boy - Sandman
3. Cuba Gooding - Fool of the Year
4. Donna Gardier - I'll Be There
5. Edna Wright - Oops Here I Go Again
6. Full Flava - You Make It Heaven
7. Gwen Guthrie - I Can Only Think of You
8. Heatwave - Where Did I Go Wrong
9. Imagination - The Last Time (Long Cool Sax Mix)
10. Juicy - After Loving You
11. Kim Edwards - Stand Tall
12. Loose Ends - Don't Hold Back Your Love
13. Madagascar - Rainbow
14. Nuf-El-Tee - Look What Love Did
15. Omar - You and Me
16. Peggi Blu - Can't Go Back
17. Quiet Boys - State of Mind
18. Reflections - Summer Breeze
19. Sydney Youngblood - Anything
20. Tammy Payne - Do You Feel It (Jazzy Feelin' 12")
21. Ultra Nate - Free (Radio Edit)
22. Vincent Montana - You Are My Everything (Radio Edit)
23. Workshy - Never the Same Again
24. Yours Truly - Come and Get It
25. Zushii - A Little Sunshine


Anonymous said...

thanks very much for sharing this great music and obviously for the time it took you to collate and upload these gems- much appreciated and have great new year to you
big l

jahcisco said...