Wednesday, 9 December 2009

RONNIE LAWS - The Best Of (1992)

1. Always There
2. Night Breeze
3. Keep it Together
4. Karmen
5. Friends and Strangers
6. New Day
7. Just Love
8. Flame
9. Solid Ground
10. Just as You Are
11. Living Love
12. Love is Here
13. Saturday Evening

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troods said...

My first love in the Laws family was Hubert, with his interpretations of classical, his earlier African oriented pieces. Then, I heard Ronnie, his hybrid, smooth and funky jazz, set for fans of soul. So this album is a nice grouping of his work that I can just jam into my mp3 player and groove to on the way to work.

Thank you. You're like A music Santa! Without the elves to help. That deserves a virtual hug. -hug-