Monday, 30 November 2009

SIR WICK - An Interpretation of a Universal Language

A unique take on jazz, r&b, and contemporary funk. Trombonist/keyboardist/percussionist/composer Chad "Sir Wick" Hughes is the founder of Sir Wick and the Odyssey. In my opinion this is one beautiful album.

1 Seal My Heart
2 Uncomplicated
3 This Is the Day
4 Moonlight Serenade
5 Thank You Lord
6 I Can't Wait
7 Quick Prayer (Wick's Interlude)
8 What Am I to Say
9 Without You
10 You Are My Everything
11 Wick's Groove
12 You Are My Everything (Fried Chicken Remix)
13 Wick's Groove (Bonus beats)
14 You Are My Everything (Fried Chicken Remix Bonus Beats)
15 Moonlight Serenade (Outro)


Anonymous said...

FAB-thanking you for sharing this -great site

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troods said...

Not familiar with this artist. Very special site. Thank you for everything.