Tuesday, 17 November 2009

MARIO BIONDI - If (2009)

I don't usually post new music but I want to educate you all about Italian jazz singer Mario Biondi. Take a listen to this album and then go out and buy it.

02.Something That Was Beautiful
03.Be Lonely
04.Love Dreamer
07.I Wanna Make It
08.No Mo' Trouble
10.I Know It's Over
11.Winter in America
12.Everlasting Harmony
13.Cry Anymore
14.Little B's Poem
15.Bom De Doer



soulboy said...

I second that Soulful

alex said...

superb drop sue!
many thanks indeed!
should enlighten a few more of us!

hooch said...

Nice album indeed - thank you!

grafika said...

Yeah ok, it is a nice album, first thing I've heard since that 'this is what you are' on the schema release 'was a bee' a few years back. Remember thinking then who's this guy?
Have to admit to being mildy irritated by this though, very slickly produced and a bit like a very talented karaoke singer doing Jon Lucien an' Gil Scot Heron impersonations with a touch of the Mark Murphys thrown in for good measure. Have a sort of love/hate thing goin on with all the Ital stuff of late, Nicola Conte et al, hopefully people who pick up on it'll take it further an find out who these people are influenced by and in many cases actually downright plagiarising. Not read the sleeve notes to Mario's albums but would be nice to see some creative influence sources being mentioned. Sadly though as usual, the industries all about marketing. Hahaha I'm being a wrinkly old Jazz git innit??? A very good album but would say to anyone buying this to grab up any Jon Lucien albums they can first, also Leon Thomas, Eddie Jefferson or Mark Murphy. Well, there ya go! Feel the Love Feel the Love!