Monday, 14 September 2009

MYSTIC MERLIN - Full Moon (1982)

1. Mr. Magician
2. Perfect
3. Rock the World
4. Your Love
5. Full Moon Rising (Prelude)
6. Full Moon
7. Love is What You Need
8. Back to Zero
9. Mindreader


if-its-soulful said...

C.M.R. said...

thanks for these!

Ricardo said...

Mr Magician - now theres memories!
hanks for sharing this forgotten club favorite

soulboy said...

Mr Magician,Freddie excels on this tune.

Andy said...

I can still remember buying this Poplar Market on a Sunday,along with Gene Dunlap Before You Break My Heart,both now badly scratched.Cheers for all 3 albums,a good band.Just can't give you up is in my all time top 10.Happy memories.