Saturday, 15 August 2009

DONALD BYRD - Words, Sounds, Colors and Shapes (1982)

1. Sexy Dancer
2. Midnight
3. So Much in Love
4. High Energy
5. Star Trippin'
6. I'm Coming Home
7. Forbidden Love
8. Everyday
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if-its-soulful said...
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Frank said...

WOW that's pure HEAT! Thank you sooo much Soulful! Tracks 1,3&8 are my favs!
Peace Frank

Jack said...

Awesome post as always. Some of the stuff he did back in the 70s/80s inc with the Blackbyrds was pure class. thank you so very much

troods said...

At last, I can now add this to my collection!! I've been looking. So grateful to the music blogging community, and specifically to you who's been making my evening, morning and afternoon with the fabulous site you've created. Kisses.