Tuesday, 7 July 2009

J T TAYLOR - Feel The Need (1991)

1. Long Hot Summer Night
2. Feel The Need
3. Interlude
4. Work With Me
5. Follow Me
6. (Interlude)
7. Let's Make Love (Like There's No Tomorrow)
8. Heart To Heart - feat Stephanie Mills
9. That's My Girl
10. Twice
11. The Way That You Love Me
12. One Night
13. Interlude
14. The Power Of Love
15. Be My Lover Tonight
16. Long Hot Summer Night (12' Vocal Version)


if-its-soulful said...


Anonymous said...

cd version with the 12 version of 'long hot'- great stuff my lp had been played to death---thnks v much
big l

Ricardo said...

Don't know this guy at all - thanks for the education.