Tuesday, 7 July 2009

DONNA GARDIER - Reach Out (1990)

1. Reach out
2. What could be sweeter
3. Light of love
4. Make me believe
5. I'll be there
6. When will you be mine
7. Put your love in the right place
8. Slow motion emotion
9. Good thing
10. Let me be the one
11. Reach out (reprise)


if-its-soulful said...


Anonymous said...

didnt know her singing career went back this far so thanks for putting this one up-new one to me- lookin forward to listening.
big l

jahcisco said...

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Ricardo said...

I remeber Reach out from back in the day. Thanks for keeping this great stuff alive.

troods said...

I got her cd "home" years ago in a 2nd hand cd store. There are no more of those shops in my neighborhood which has gentrified (ecccch) right around us. I also pretty much stay on the internet for all my music needs.

All that is to say thanks for more of a look at Donna!