Wednesday, 3 June 2009

VARIOUS - Soul'd Together 2

1. CJ's Uptown Crew - I Want a Little Bit
2. Tony Cotton - You're So Cold
3. Janice Edwards - First Love Last Love
4. Jharris - My Baby
5. Main Attraction - That's the Way O Feel
6. Thurston Bilal - Open Up Your Heart
7. Laverna Mason - Deliverance
8. Diane Mathis - Flashback
9. Jharris - Come Take My Love
10. Kevin 'love man' Nash - It's True
11. Frank Alstin - Girl I Wanna Share My World
12. CJ's Uptown Crew - Style (I Like Yours Too)
13. Rosie Gaines - Heart Like Stone


if-its-soulful said...

Anonymous said...

my fave of the 3!

jahcisco said...

Thank you.

trakbuv said...

I recall Tony Cotten & CJ Uptown Crew cuts - I also have the Kevin Nash CD (which is excellent)

The SoulTime label was a hell of an oasis in the desert of the 90's !!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this & the others...i have a few 'about time' albums, but nothing as comprehensive as these...thanks again.