Monday, 18 May 2009

MAZE - Joy and Pain (1980)

1. Changing Times
2. The Look in Your Eyes
3. Family
4. Roots
5. Joy and Pain

6. Southern Girl
7. Happiness


if-its-soulful said...

trakbuv said...

Apart from their first LP which took everyone by surprise with its exceptional quality, this has a very special place in my heart. Only available in the UK on import on release, can you believe (as were their 2 previous LPs), I managed to get a copy off someone and it was never off my stereo. 'Look in your eyes', 'Roots' and 'Southern girl' all got hammered, as did the title track. This is one of those instant time machines where you can taste 1981.

They played the UK the following year I think and I managed to convince someone to go to the gig - probably the warmest concert I've ever been to - Frankie just oozed 'love ya'll' !!

Jack said...

Apart from the odd album here and there i think i have just about everything by a band i class as just that... Class... I've seen them many many times over the years at venues good and bad. and they always sound AMAZING... It's superb that you are spreading the word about Frankie Beverly and Maze. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Have a very scratched version of this LP !

thanks for MP3 version.


troods said...

Trakbuv took me there. I appreciate the availability of an album that went through hell. I can listen again.