Sunday, 17 May 2009

ANGELA BOFILL - Angel of the Night (1979)

1. I Try
2. People Make the World Go Round
3. Angel of the Night
4. Rainbow Child
5. What I Wouldn't Do (For Your Love)
6. The Feelin's Love
7. Love to Last
8. The Voyage


if-its-soulful said...

Jack said...

What a voice. I had just about all her albums back in the 80's with possible exception of a couple of promo specials thru GRP/Arista. Last i heard of her after her Expension cd's was that she was seriously ill. After that... nothing. She brings soul and jazz together like few others. Her version of 'People make the world go round' and 'I try' are pure class. Thanks again for sharing such gems

troods said...

Angela had 2 strokes on year after the other, and the music community assisted with many others in raising money for her rehabilitation. She's also had two family tragedies as well. Anyone can check in with and get the latest info.

I've seen her live so many times. She is a goddess! Her voice is incredible although her later material paled in comparison to what she could do.