Sunday, 5 April 2009

FEDERATION – Flower to the Sun (1994)

Federation, who hail from Bristol, England, began life in 1991 when Si John (vocals, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist) and Alex Swift (programmer, bassist) joined up with Julie Lockhart (vocals) to produce their first 12" single/ep "Life So Free". Their debut album "Flower To The Sun" out sold all Mo' Wax releases up to that point of the label's history - and includes some really nice tunes. So have a listen to this rare album and make up your own minds.

1. Like I Feel
2. Can U Feel It
3. Hold On
4. Realise
5. Rusty James
6. A Night in Chew Magna
7. Life So Free
8. Keep Pushing
9. Shine
10. If We Had It All


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The Album is a Pure Classic in Underground Acid Jazz.Headspinz released in 1998 is very good too.You can't go wrong with The Federation.