Sunday, 18 January 2009


Barbara Weathers - Anywhere
Betty Everett - Just a Little Piece of You
Black Mighty Orchestra - Airplane
Hiroshima - All I Want
Hokis Pokis - Can't Wait For Love
Lenard Lidell - Afternoon Affair
Merge - What Makes You Wanna Lie To Me
Renee Geyer - Be There In the Morning
Revelation - We Got to Survive
Richard Caiton - Got to Get Across to You


if-its-soulful said...

trakbuv said...

I was only playing Betty Everett's version of the great SWonder track last week !! I'm familiar with a lot of these, but don't own any of them (apart from Betty).

This is an amazing collection Soulful - can't wait for volume 2 - ASTOUNDING. Far superior than most commercial CDs attempting to do the same thing. Full credit to you for your immaculate taste an effort in selecting these gems.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for this..will give it a listen & give feedback...regardless of that, thanks for taking the time out to put together & if it's like the rest of the stuff on this site we're in for a treat!

jahcisco said...

Thanks. Quite enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

muzak 9/10,effert 10/10