Monday, 12 January 2009


1. Lover's Journey
2. Keep on Loving Me
3. Dreaming
4. I Remember Your Love
5. Love Will Follow
6. I Cry
7. I Pray
8. Silence
9. What a Fool Believes
10. Precious
11. Moonlight
12. Spirit of Manila
13. Love Begins With You
14. Kuh's Theme - featuring Gerald Albright


if-its-soulful said...

hooch said...

Thanks Man!

jahcisco said...

Thank you.

trakbuv said...

As mentioned before, I used to own the original CD of this before Expansion Records picked up it, by which time I'd already lost it !! I foolishly lent it to a record dealer who appeared to keep all his stock in his front living room, bedroom, kitchen, even the toilet wasn't hallowed ground. So bye-bye brand new Kuh to the vinyl wilderness.

However, my now vague memory recalls it being a great little CD with Kuh sounding not disimilar to Chante Moore (when she still used to make brilliant brilliant records).

So, I am very grateful Soulful for fulfilling my request - I will go play this, relax with a warm hot chocolate and try not to ponder on my ickle copy nesting, unloved and forgotten, down the side of my mate's couch.