Tuesday, 14 October 2008


More Outta Life
Courtney's Festival
Sweet Talk
Bring it Back
Perfect Love
Battery Acid
It's Not a Waste of Time
U R Loved


jahcisco said...

Thank you. Much appreciated.

trakbuv said...

Not another classic of the 90s - husband and wife duo kick up a storm.

Lynne Fiddmont has such a sweet voice - not dissimilar to Syreeta Wright for all the right reasons.

Classic midtempo groovers in 'Perfect love', 'Searchin' and 'Bring it back'. And a ballad that is particularly dear to me, 'U R loved', a version that is far superior to that on her latest solo set, in my opinion.

What more do you want folks !! Great great stuff here, Soulful !!

trakbuv said...

Their second and final CD ??

What a way to go out - firing on both barrels - the ballads and uptempo numbers are both excellent.

The lyrics and delivery of 'I'm standing still' are particularly special for me.

It burns me up when I know there was and is such formidable talent in British soul scene that goes unrecognised and then dropped for the pop-dominated soul (with predominantly forgettable talents) and the big pound signs.

Such is life I guess. Who wants another Sharon Bryant, when you can have 5000 singalikes ?

if-its-soulful said...

You're right trakbruv, Lynne Fiddmont does have a sweet voice. As you say, yet another talented duo who could and should have gone on to bigger and better things. But that's the way the so-called music scene is nowadays, if you can't sing, write music or play an instrument you'll have a top-ten hit, but if you are a talented singer/musician you get nowhere. Is that fair? That's why blogs like this are trying to keep the music alive.

if-its-soulful said...