Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The pioneers of Brit Funk were Hi Tension (including David Joseph and Phil Fearon), best known for British Hustle and Hi Tension. Groups such as Light Of The World were among the first after Hi Tension to have major hit records in UK and international charts with 'Swingin', Time, I'm So Happy and London Town. When Light of the World disbanded some of the group members went on to form Beggar & Co, Freeez and Incognito. Other groups around at this time were Central Line, Direct Drive, First Light, Level 42, Savannah and Second Image

You're My Girl


Autumn Love

Power and Lightning


British Hustle

If It Moves You

Hi Tension

Peace on Earth

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Beggar & Co - Somebody help me out
David Bendeth - Feel the real again
Incognito - Parisienne girl
Light of the World - Time
Danny Williams - I hate hate
Black Slate - Amigo
Light of the World - London town '85
The Warriors - Destination
Galaxy - Head over heels
Ray Carless - Tarantula walk
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1. Southern Freeez
2. Caribbean Winter
3. Flying High
4. One To One
5. Alone
6. Sunset
7. Anti Freeez
8. Easy On The Onions
9. Mariposa
10. IOU
11. Can't Keep My Love
12. Love's Gonna Get You
13. Pop Goes My Love
14. Freezin'

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the share...

trakbuv said...

Great stuff here.

Question - there was a 12" single by the Level 42 front guys calling themselves (I think) Thunderthumbs & Totsyman, entltled 'Freedom-a-go-go' (approx. June '82 release). Any info on this lost gem of a track very much appreciated

if-its-soulful said...

Hi trakbruv, sorry I've done a bit of research but can't find anything regarding the track you mention - it's a new name to me and sorry I cant help. Does anyone else here have any info?

alex said...

many thanks for the hi-tension bruv-cool!