Sunday, 14 September 2008


1. Think About It – Rick Webb
2. Ja Miss Me – Billy Valentine
3. I Don't Know Why – Lynn White
4. One And Only - Rodni
5. Take A Little Time – Josie James
6. Days And Nights – Victor Haynes
7. Blind To It All – Gary Taylor
8. Love's Gonna Bring You Home - Rockmelons
9. All My Love – James Carmichael
10. This Kind Of Love (So Special) - Valentine Brothers
11. I'd Like To Into You – Denise Kelly & Fame
12. Get Into Your Life - Beloyd
13. Losers Weepers – J Blackfoot
14. If You Don't Want My Love – Lewis Williams


if-its-soulful said...

Martin said...

Thanks a lot - I love the Expansion compilations. Cheers Martin

jahcisco said...

thanks for the sharing.

Njonjo said...

many many many many thanks. I love the selections.
What of Expansion Soul Sauce Vol 4, can't seem to find it anywhere? Any chance you have it?
Much respect

if-its-soulful said...

Thanks Njonjo, glad you like it. Yes I do have volume 4, so will be posting it on this blog in the near future - so make sure you come back.